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Advanced configuration

All configuration files use the TOML format.

Configuration is read from the following files, in order. Last files overwrite values in previous one. Linux



$HOME/Library/Application Support/highflux/config


{FOLDERID_RoamingAppData}\highflux\config (e.g. C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Roaming\highflux\config)

After that, any environment variable starting with HF_ overwrites any configuration value.


We advise you to send us a message on slack before changing any of these values, as that will more likely get you what you want. You should consider changing these values manually as experimental!

Configuration KeyDefault ValueNotes
wip_branches_prefixwip/Prefix of WIP branches
default_commit_messageCommit generated by HighFlux.ioThis appears in the commit on your WIP's storage branch
current_wip_prefixcurrent-wip/Current WIP branch prefix
user_initialsExtracted from your git usernameUsed as prefix for all of the user’s WIPs. E.g. for Bill Gates, the user-initials will be BG
review_branch_prefixreview/The prefix of the review branch that is created for code-reviews.
hide_file_prefix_hide_Any file name that starts with this string is automatically hidden.