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Known Issues & Behaviors

Known Issues

  • Manually committing on Wip branches

    • Manually using git to commit, push and otherwise manipulate the HighFlux branches, such as wip/ and current-wip/ is currently not supported and may lead to bad state.

    • You can, however, use your favorite "read-only" git tools for diffing, history searching without any limitations.

  • One device per person

    • If you use multiple devices, your WIP numbers will overlap.
    • For now you can create unique letter combinations for your multiple devices, e.g. “MV” for my desktop and “MVL” for my laptop.
      • To configure this, open .highflux/config and add a line like user_initials = 'MVL'
  • No support for huge binary files

    • If you modify and store big binary files directly on git, v0 is not for you.
  • No history rewriting on trunk

    • If you or others on your team rewrite/amend commits on trunk (or use “push –force”) you’re likely to run into trouble.
  • Git hooks are ignored by HighFlux

    • HighFlux continuously updates your git branches
    • If you have setup git hooks (pre-commit, post-commit, post-merge, etc), those will be ignored by HighFlux.
    • A future version will execute them at the right moment.
  • Don’t open additional git-worktrees on the repo

    • A git-worktree ‘blocks’ the branch it has checked out. HighFlux assumes it can switch to any branch and update any branch in the background in the directory it’s run from.


  • WIPs that include conflict-markers are excluded from further conflict checks

  • Conflict detection only checks branches changed in the last 30 days