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GitHub Integration

Pull Request integration

To enable GitHub code review support, you need to authenticate to GitHub once:

hf github auth

HighFlux will display a one-time code and redirect you to GitHub to enter this code and authorize. After connecting to GitHub, whenever you create a code review, a GitHub Pull Request will be created for you. See Sending your code fore review above.

You can have each of your committed WIPs appear as links in GitHub, like so: GitHub commit

When a WIP commit is displayed on GitHub, clicking on MV-146 above will redirect your browser to the HighFlux UI.

To configure autolinks on GitHub: See:<your org>/<your repo>/settings/key_links

GitHub autolink

For each prefix (HighFlux user) add an autolink reference like shown above. You need to change the <your repo> placeholder to the name of your repo. The <num> placeholder needs to stay, it is filled by GitHub.