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Getting started with HighFlux

What is HighFlux?

How does HighFlux work?
  • HighFlux manages all the commits, pulls, pushes and merges for you. You can still use git tools to compare and view information on your repository.
  • With HighFlux - there is no staging area - your work tree is the commit.
  • As you change files on disk, HighFlux makes them part of your current WIP, and pushes them to your git hosting provider.
  • Merging a WIP results in just one commit entry in git's history. This keeps the history linear, easy to roll-back or bisect.

We've created the Highflux to improve code management and software development workflows. HighFlux makes your life simpler, more enjoyable, and more productive by:

  • Simplifying your day-to-day coding workflow through automation.
  • Collaborate better with your teammates by giving and getting early feedback.
  • Preventing and detecting conflicts in code before they happen.

HighFlux is a new way to manage code, yet it is 100% compatible with git and GitHub.

This version of HighFlux is client-only, it never sends or stores anything outside your machine except telemetry data (see below)

The current version of HighFlux contains the minimal functionality needed to deliver three core benefits:

  1. Automated developer workflows
  2. Early Feedback
  3. Conflict detection
We love feedback

If you have any issues, suggestions for improvement or want to share your thoughts about HighFlux, please let us know!

It's early days for HighFlux and we can (and want to) change a lot, so your feedback is very helpful.

Chat or e-mail us.

Terms used in this document

  • Trunk - your main development branch. The one that all new features are merged to. Usually called main, master or develop.
  • WIP ('work in progress'): a single task. Think "feature branch" in git lingo, or "change-list" in Perforce. Every WIP will end up as one commit on Trunk when it's merged.
  • HighFlux - The HighFlux Client / Platform / UI / CLI (invoked by typing hf) - the software you installed that makes your life simpler, more enjoyable, and more productive :)