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Other Command-line options

The HighFlux command-line tool has a --help option. Explore it to find other things you can do from the CLI. Popular options not covered previously in this doc:

hf delete XX-124

Deletes the specified WIP, works on the current WIP as well. No confirmation is asked. Beware, G.I. Joe.

hf diff

Shows the changes made on all files on this WIP. This will trigger the same diff tool configured by your git. You can also use any git tool or your IDE differ to see the current changes.

hf status

Shows information regarding the status of the current WIP, including changed filenames, whether the current WIP conflicts with trunk, and more.

hf pull

Pulls all changes made on the trunk into your WIP so you are up-to-date. There’s more to learn in the Conflict detection, prevention & handling section below.

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